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Jet up to 19 seats


Our representative agent will get back to you and take care of every detail according to your requests.
Our crew will receive passengers 15 minutes before take-off at the general aviation terminal and assist them during boarding.


We value your time. Flying executive is the best way to reduce time losses due to delays in connections. Also, private aircraft can provide an ideal setting for work or leisure so that you can make the most out of travel time.


Need to change your flight details?

Contact us at any moment, we are happy to assist you 24/7 and change your journey plan even a few hours prior to departure*.

*All flight schedules are subject to airport runways and airways slots availability.


Livejet complies with all aeronautical regulations. Crews are made of two pilots who have gone through the most stringent training on each aircraft type. All of our aircraft are equipped according to EASA standards and are subject to periodical maintenance and checks.

Livejet: acting in your best interest.

Why a broker:

  • Air carrier selection: length of the runway, approach type, weather conditions and aircraft performance, we take care of all of that.
  • Widest fleet selection: choose among the largest fleet.
  • Personalised assistance: you will always be in touch with our same agent
  • All inclusive: offers don’t change* even if flight time is longer than expected
*Except for special catering request and de-icing

Analysis of documents

  • AOC (air operator certificate);
  • Validity of certificates of insurance;
  • CSL combined limit; Maintenance.


  • Year of construction;
  • Status of the interiors;
  • Additional equipment.

Quality of service on board

  • Professionalism and experience of the pilots;
  • Politeness and operational efficiency of the crew.

Jet over 19 seats


Attending meeting, conferences, art exhibits and international sports events for you and your team is as easy as it gets.

Charter aircraft have different internal configurations and can host 19 up to 180 seats.

Cargo Aerial Works


We can charter for you planes and helicopters with different load capacities and up to over 70tons. All we need to know is the specific weight of the load, its size and the type of goods to be transported.

We’ll give you the best tailored offer so that your freight reaches destination in the shortest time possible.


Passengers transportation and aerial work


Helicopters can fly from anywhere as long as conditions meet our safety requirements.

Helicopters are recommended for short flights in good weather conditions.


Choose among twin-engine executive configuration (Dauphin AS365 N3-N1; Agusta series 139-119-109 power or grand, Ecureuil AS 355) or single-engine turbine (Ecureuil AS 350)

Aerial Work

A skilled professional is ready to assist you and guide you in the most efficient choice for hanging load aerial work.

Luxury Pet Flight

Luxury Pet Flight is an exclusive service born from the partnership between Livejet and Timeinbox.

Spoil your pet with a dedicated luxury pet care furnished space aboard. Soft and preciously coated beds, Swarowsky bowls and cashmere covers are just a few of the comforts we can provide.

Livejet and Timeinbox have joined to bring your travel companions the elegance of Italian design by Mimma and Gabriele Costa so that you and your four legged can relax and enjoy your ravel. The service is available for all international routes departing from Lugano and Milan.

European legislation on air transportation allows pets transfer without particular restrictions. However, Air carriers may adopt their own rules that are shown in the flight operation manual.

IATA International Air Transport Association) has se out recommendations that are based on the rules generally adopted by member states relating to importation of living animals.

We will be happy to assist you with all the information you may need and identifying your requirements.

Aviation consulting

Aircraft sale and management

  • Aircraft search/selection

  • Paperwork

  • Business plan and costs evaluations for commercial management

  • Contracts

Thanks to our many years in the aviation field, we are experienced consultants when it comes to renting our buying an aircraft. You can rely on Livejet aviation consulting to evaluate all technical and commercial aspects of the commercial operation.

Time devaluation, performance and aircraft specifications are only a few aspects that need to be taken into account, we can analyse different types of investments according to your target and guide you throughout every step of the process.

Executive Handling

Executive Handling by Lugano Airport


Being a trusted partner of Lugano Airport, we can provide private jet owners and operators with first class airport support services such as refuelling, grand handling, catering and car parking.