Improve your

way of flying

Improve your

way of flying

Improve your

way of flying

Improve your

way of flying

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Aviation consulting

Fly Lugano

How we work




Our executive services are characterised by aircraft configuration, attention to details and the assistance of an experienced advisor.

One of our representatives  will will take your request and look after every detail of the process: aircraft, catering and ground transportation services selection.

Our crews receive passengers 15 minutes before take-off at the general aviation terminal and assist them during boarding.


We value your time and work to help you make the most out of it. Flying executive is the best way to reduce time losses due to delays in connections and use travel time to take care of your business or relax.

Tailored journey

We are able to satisfy your requests, design your journey and handle changes in destination or schedule up to two hours prior to departure*. As your trusted advisor, your best interest is our priority.

*All flight schedules are subject to airport runways and airways slots availability.


We comply with all aeronautical regulations, our crews are made of two pilots with the most stringent training for the aircraft type. All of our equipments are in line with EASA standards and our fleet is subject to periodical maintenance and checks.

All inclusive

Transparency and reliability are the basis of our commercial offers. All of our flight offers are all inclusive, there are no surprises nor extra costs, ever, even when flight duration exceeds estimations.


The advantages of private flights

Non-stop flights

No stops nor connection flights, get straight to your destination and save time for what really matters.

Dedicated airports

Many locations around the world cannot be reached by regular airlines but have secondary airports accessible to private flights.

Optimised costs

No transfer and no stay costs, you choose when to arrive and when to depart.

Work on board

A private flight is a perfect setting for you and your team to work and make the most out of your journey.

Optimised travel duration

Your time is precious, set your schedule freely to be where you want to when you want to.

Wide selection of aircraft

Executive Jets up to 19 seats, charter over 19 seats and helicopters.