Nestled between the Swiss Alps and its unique Lake, Lugano lies at the heart of Canton Ticino.

Trade, tourism and finance are the mainstays of the local economy.

Lugano offers a great number of historical buildings, some of them part of the Swiss Heritage sites, the Biblioteca Cantonale and the Swiss National Recording Archives are among the most worldwide known.

Lugano surroundings let the visitors plunge into an unforgettable number of natural sights.

Thanks to its convenient location Lugano is the perfect gateway to Milan, Lake Como, Lake Maggiore and many other exclusive and business locations.

Lugano City airport, just 6 kms from the city center, offers a wide range of executive aviation services.

The General Aviation Gate (500 meters form the main terminal) allows passengers to arrive and leave the airport in a blink with a premium level of discretion

At Lugano airport Livejet offers to ours valuable passengers a tailored made assistance 24/7, valet parking, limo service, wide catering solutions.

Livejet expertise and technical knowledge together with the territorial location of our business allow us to give qualified support to your travel choice.

Due to the region geographical configuration Lugano airport requires specific aircraft certification and crew training.

Livejet operates with Piaggio Avanti II with “C certification” (the highest attainable requirement).

Piaggio Avanti II




Height 1.75 m/ 5.80 ft
Width 1.85 m/ 6.10 ft
Lenght 4.08 m/ 13.40 ft




Cruise speed 730 kmh / 395 kts
Range 2.592 km / 1.400 nm

The Piaggio Avanti II is currently the only aircraft designed, developed and certified with a three lifting surface configuration.

This configuration allows all three wings to provide lift and to improve the stability longitudinal dynamics.

The propulsion configuration with pushing propellers, have been designed to lower the noise levels inside the cabin, as the discs rotating propellers are located behind the passenger seats.

Piaggio is the only aircraft in its category featuring a walk-in “stand up” cabin

* The range shown is indicative and suggested on the basis of an average capacity of load. Length of the runway for take-off, take-off weight (number of boarded passengers, baggage), alternate available at the destination and weather conditions are some of the factors that can change the range of a type of aircraft on a specific leg.