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Graduated in Law at the University of Milan, he subsequently obtained a pilot's license and a specialization in navigation law.

He has consolidated experience in the aeronautical sector. He currently manages the flight activity, customer relations, the financial performance of the company and the sale and purchase: from the purchase of an aircraft (analysis of operating costs, preparation of contracts, creation of a business plan) to registration and inclusion in the fleet.

From these premises livejet was born, a reality that can be identified by seriousness, professionalism, flexibility and by the possibility of directly contacting an expert who, at any time, is available to its customers to support travel choices and more.

Customers, with a simple phone call, can fly anywhere in the world in the safest way and at the best economic conditions among selected air carriers.



livejet is an aeronautical broker based in Lugano (Switzerland), and is aimed at professionals, companies and individuals who want to rent a private plane for business or pleasure, optimize their travel or simply plan an unforgettable holiday.


livejet offers on-demand private flights and consultancy for the purchase or sale of aircraft, favoring transparency, flexibility and freedom of choice. 

Thanks to a network of selected air carriers, livejet verifies the positioning of over 3000 aircraft in Europe.

This working method allows us to propose the travel solution that best suits the customer's request. Business men and women choose their private flight to be productive and acquire time to be with their family. Anywhere, anytime, you can assess your travel options

Executive handling

Executive Handling

Ultimate assistance for private jet owners and passengers.

One of livejet's partner is Lugano Airport, handler and business aviation company at Lugano airport, providing airport support services, including refueling, passenger ground handling, catering and car parking for private jet owners and operators.


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